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Is Hunting a Sport?

Hunting has for centuries been called a sport. In fact, in several books, articles and other literary materials, hunting is referred to as a sport. Even then, different opinions exist on whether hunting qualifies as a sport, with different people giving diverse opinions on the debate. You might also be wondering the same, wondering what … Read more

Is Bow Hunting Cruel?

Hunting is one of the world’s oldest sports and, admittedly, still very fun. Moreover, it is a sport that also literally brings food to the table. It is therefore no doubt that several people take part in it, wither using bows and arrows or using riffles. Even then, the question of ethicality and humanity in … Read more

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Is Coyote Hunting with Crossbow a Good Idea?

Is Coyote Hunting with Crossbow a Good Idea? Coyote hunting has been in existing for many decades, and it’s one of the common forms of predator hunting. Humans have widely participated in this activity, but hunting coyotes has always varied from one country to another. Some people have used methods like trapping, hound hunting, and … Read more

The Top 5 Best Crossbows

Are you looking for a crossbow that always hits the mark? This guide lists the top five crossbows you need to try. Read on for more Did you know that the crossbow was invented in Asia around 400 BCE? At the time, it shook up the methods of war. There were even repeating crossbows that allowed … Read more

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Crossbow VS Compound Bow – Which is Best?

The bow and arrow are fascinating. The bow is the weapon of choice of heroes in movies, be them historical pieces or fantasy movies placed in a dystopian future. Archery competitions are some of the most popular features of international games, and television shows are full of bow wielding superheroes. We can find some iteration … Read more

Crossbow vs Gun

Crossbow vs Gun – What Makes The Best Survival Weapon?

We all know about the AMC’s post-apocalypse TV series – The Walking Dead – which hits its 8th season on October this year (2017). One thing we’ve all learned from this popular show is the power of a crossbow in a doomsday scenario…I’m talking about Daryl Dixon’s crossbow which has saved him and his fellow survivalists … Read more

Archery For Women

Archery For Women – Key Things You Need To Know

Women archers – a community whose numbers has grown in the recent years. I believe that the ever-rising women’s interest in archery and bowhunting could have been fuelled by the emergence of heroine archers like Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games TV Show, or the legendary horsewomen archers (the Amazons), or simply due to the increased … Read more

4 Bowhunting Tips for More Whitetail Success

FOUR Bowhunting Tips for More Whitetail Success

The last hunting season came, you ventured into the woods…and even with your high expectations, you didn’t reach the number of whitetails you’ve planned to put in your freezer. Truly sad. As the next season approaches, I’m sure you’ve set a new goal- the number of whitetails you want to take home. BUT…you might get disappointed again because … Read more