when does the rut start

When Does The Rut Start?

For deer, the start of the rut is the start of their mating season, where bucks actively search for does to mate with. For hunters, however, this means a great season of deer hunting is ahead. Although sometimes, it may difficult for hunters to determine when exactly the rut will begin, and how to utilize … Read more

why is it bad to dry fire a bow

Why Is It Bad To Dry Fire A Bow?

Have you ever dry fired your bow? Or ever wondered what would happen if you did? Dry firing, or releasing your bow without a loaded arrow, can happen to beginner and expert archers alike. Most of the time, dry fires happen by accident. But sometimes, archers, especially inexperienced ones, do it on purpose because they are … Read more

7 ways of how to keep your feet warm while hunting

7 Ways Of How To Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting

Your extremities are extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures. This is especially the case when you are going hunting. Standing outside in the freezing cold for hours can take a toll on the whole body, not just fingers and toes. You may be wondering how to keep your feet warm while hunting. Luckily, there are some ways … Read more

how often should I change my bow string

How Often Should I Change My Bow String?

The string is a major component of your compound. It can wear over time and need replacement. After a while, you may be asking “How often should I change my bow string?” The condition of your bow and its string is what to pay attention to when it comes to maintenance and replacement.Bow strings are … Read more