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Top 5 Best Ladder Stand For Bowhunting – Full Reviews and Buying Guide

Taking the best ladder stand with you to the woods will open you to a whole new world of opportunities.

Ideal for ALL archery hunters, this great hunting equipment gives you all you need to take down that trophy buck you’ve been targeting all through.

It offers you optimal shooting as well as view angle; enabling you to monitor and take down your targets from greater distances - smoothly and efficiently.

If you want to discover the FIVE top-rated ladder stands available on the market today, keep reading below…


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But before that, let’s look at some important factors to consider when buying a tree ladder stand:

What To Look for When Buying Ladder Stand

A number of aspects are significant for determining whether the ladder stand you intend to buy will meet your needs and expectations or its worth your money.

These aspects are:

1. Safety

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when purchasing a ladder tree stand is the safety measures it incorporates. There are real risks in climbing and perching high up against a tree trunk.

You want to be totally safe while perched up on that tree, right?

Check out this video: How to Set Up a Ladder Stand Safely

Make sure the manufacturer you buy from has a proven track record in constructing high-quality tree ladder stands.

Besides, make sure that your stand comes with the essential safety features such as the safety harness, fall-proof straps, and ratchets.

2. Portability

Another aspect that will land you into the perfect stand for your hunting needs is the portability factor.

And when we mention, portability, the weight of the tree stand should play in your mind. Different tree stands from various manufacturers are built using different types of materials - meaning their weights will vary as well.

What To Look for When Buying Ladder Stand

Because you’ll need to carry them to your hunting zone every time you go for a hunt, we advise you to go for a lighter model that’s highly portable.

Overlay heavy or bulky models tend to give hunters a hard time transporting them to the woods. And they might make you feel tired even before you start hunting.

3. Hunting Location

Before heading to the stores to buy a ladder stand, make sure you've got a clear picture of where you intend to employ it - that is, your favorite hunting location.

You might be wondering what you need to note about your hunting location, right?

Check out this video: Finding Great Treestand Placement

Firstly, note the predominant tree(s) in the area. Note their straightness, trunk size, and the height at which the branches start shooting off the trunks. These will give you an easy time finding the perfect ladder stand for you.

Note that some trees have such a massive girth, that you’ll encounter difficulties trying to install your ladder stand. It might even prove impossible for your stand ratchet straps to reach around them.

4. Comfort

Yes, comfort - the make or break factor for any ladder tree stand.

A ladder stand that’s too narrow or feels uncomfortable to sit on for any period isn’t going to enjoy much use.

More importantly, we’ll not recommend such a stand to you when the question about the best ladder stand pops up.

5. Brand

You want the ladder stand you buy to give you a bang for your buck. You want it to make your hunting easier by enabling you to monitor and shoot your target games quickly. Above all, you want your stand to serve you a lifetime.

All these are guaranteed if you buy from the famous brands. These are brands that manufacture high-quality products that will just meet all your needs.

Buying from brands that are little known might not be the right option as there are no previous users to prove their effectiveness.

6. Platform Size

The bigger, the better…

This is especially true if you hunt with a bow. You’ll require sufficient room so that you can turn, draw, and shoot without feeling that you could step out of your stand.

Just go for the biggest platform available if you’re hunting with archery equipment.

7. Budget

The last thing you need to consider while looking for a great ladder stand is the pricing.

As different stands come with different features and specifications, so does their prices vary. Coming up with a budget before will help narrow down your list of options.

When setting up a budget, don’t set it too low that it limits you to cheap quality stands that will end up disappointing you in the woods.

The best thing about the ladder stand pricing is that you can obtain one with all the essential features even when you’re on a tight budget.

8. Additional Factors To Keep In Mind

  • Regardless of how a great deal it sounds, NEVER buy a used tree ladder stand. You don’t have any idea how old the stand is and how it has been used
  • Also, NEVER purchase a stand that has not been approved by the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA).
  • Pick a stand that blends naturally with your hunting environment to ensure you remain covered throughout your hunting activities

Now we take a look at the best ladder stands on the market today…

​Our Top 5 Best Ladder Stand Picks

1. Summit Dual Performer Ladder Stand Review

The Summit Dual Performer Ladder Stand is designed for hunters looking for a large and spacious ladder stand. It comes with a full-size platform that can handle up to two hunters. With a weight limit of 350 lbs or 250 lbs. for two hunters, the stand allows you bring along a buddy or your child who wants to learn the game. The full and roomy platform also gives you lot of movement freedom, enabling you to move around and take nice shots.

The stand features a sturdy powder coated stainless steel construction that enables it to last for many hunting seasons. The powder coating prevents degradation cases - like chipping and corrosion. Weighing a solid 87 lbs., the stand will successfully support your weight as well as that of your companion. The bench seat has a wider design for comfort. It comes with a comfortable backrest where you can sit and relax while waiting for the perfect shooting moments. You’ll also like the padded gun rest where you can rest your weapon to avoid getting hand fatigue due to holding it in your hands for hours.

The stand also comes with a two 4-point safety harnesses ensure you go up and down the tree safely. On top of this, the harnesses feature safety straps for enhanced protection and a suspension relief system that lets you take pressure off your legs as you hang in the fall-arrest system in case of a fall.


  • Incredibly easy to setup
  • Robust construction
  • Plenty of room for comfortable shooting
  • Lightweight design for easy transportation


  • A bit expensive

2. Millennium Treestands L220 18 ft. Double Ladder Stand Review

The Millennium L220 18 ft offers you a firm stand at the height of 18 feet. It’s a double rail ladder designed for the ultimate stability and durable performance. One thing you’ll fall in love with in this stand is its design. It features TWO patented comfortMAX contoured, tight sling seats that let you hunt comfortably all day long. The fact that these seats are two means you can hunt in the stand with a fellow hunter. Besides, the stand features an armrest, footrest, and adjustable and padded shooting rail - for increased hunter comfort.

The stand also presents you with some safety features to ensure you remain safe as you go about your hunting activities. These functions include the SafeLink Safety Line and an adjustable tree brace (with stabilizing strap) that helps secure your stand to the tree.

Because the stand features a dark green color that blends well with most hunting environments, you’re sure to remain covered throughout. The stand is built to last for generations, thanks to the strong weld steel design plus powder coat finish.


  • Incredibly comfortable seat
  • Sturdy, well-built construction
  • Roomy platform for hunter with lots of gear
  • Adjustable shooting rail
  • Height adjustable


  • The stand is quite heavy
  • Not easy to set up or bring down by one person

3. Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman Ladder Stand Review

The Rivers Edge 2 Man Bowman is a two-man ladder stand specially designed for the bow hunters. One thing about his stand that’s driving many hunters crazy is its unique V-shaped platform. This enables you and your fellow hunter to remain highly conceal against a tree trunk as you wait for your target to enter your range.

I also like how the two seats have been optimized for the ultimate comfort. They come with a TearTuff mesh design which not only makes them comfortable but durable and silent. What’s more, you can easily adjust these seats to a vertical position so that you can enjoy greater platform mobility or if you’re alone. At the height of roughly 20 feet, this stand is sufficiently tall to keep you from being winded by the animals in your next hunt.

Overall, this is a great ladder stand for any hunter out there. It gives you lots of comforts so that you get some peace of mind as you wait for the monster buck to turn up. With such a high elevation position, you’re sure to view your targets from a far distance and even shoot them with ease. And with its durable construction, you’ll use it for many, many years to come.


  • Unique V-shape platform design enhances maximum concealment
  • TearTuff mesh seats ensures comfortable use
  • Specially designed for bow hunters
  • The high position keeps you from being winded


  • Assembling the stand might be a bit confusing
  • The multiple assembly pieces can easily get lost

4. Millennium Treestands L110 21 ft. Single Ladder Stand Review

Similar to the L220 regarding stability and comfort, the L110 21 ft. has been constructed with both functionality and comfort in mind. With an increased elevation - up to 21 feet - this single ladder stand provides you with a wider field of view.

One particular thing aspect I love about this stand is how it keeps you safe up there. It comes with fully adjustable tree brace and stabilizing straps effectively secures and fortifies the entire stand - from the platform to the ground-level. A double-sized with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. is beneficial for both storage of hunting gear or mobility. The ladder has been engineered to serve you for a lifetime as evident from its strong welded steel construction, powder coat finish, and a dual rail rigid ladder that ensures extra stability.

A ComfortMAX contoured, tight sling, fold-up seat ensures you’re fully comfortable as you wait for your target to show up. What’s more, the stand features an adjustable padded shooting rail, armrest, footrest - all teaming up to give you the utmost comfort.


  • Incredibly comfortable for extended waits
  • High stability
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Adjustable shooting rail


  • A bit pricey
  • Heavy and might need more than one person to set up

5. Guide Gear 20 foot Double Rail Ladder Tree Stand Review

If you want to test your hunting skills and still enjoy a world of thrilling adventures in the woods, this is the go-to ladder stand. Unlike other tree stands out there, it comes with hunting blind along with the tall double rail ladder stand.

At 20 feet, this stand lets you stand tall and see it all. And while it puts you so high, it gives you maximum concealment as it comes using a well-designed hunting blind. A robust and sturdy construction - using heavy duty steel and double rail ladder - offers you a greater degree of stability, enabling you to hunt with total confidence. The stand has a platform roomy enough to accommodate up to two hunters or you alone and all your hunting equipment. The pinned ladder section makes assembling the stand incredibly easy. To give you all-day comfort, the stand comes with an adjustable ladder support bar, padded armrest and shooting rail, cushioned backrest and a padded seat.

Two ratchet straps take the stand’s stability a notch higher. With two fall-arrest systems included, the stand keeps you completely safe as you rest up against that tree trunk.


  • Lots of space available
  • 500 lbs. weight limit
  • Sturdy construction


  • Seat padding not thick enough
  • Quite heavy, at 90lbs


Overall, Millennium L220 18 ft. is the winner of all the five best ladder stands we have reviewed above. What makes this particular stand our top pick is the comfort, lots of space, stability and top-rated safety it offers you.

If you intend to hunt for long hours, this seat will give the utmost comfort with its comfortMAX seat. And if you wish to introduce a new hunter to the woods, the large platform will support both of you.

Best of all, it allows you to vary its height from 7’ to 18’ to suit your hunting situations.

When looking for the best ladder stand with excellent stability and hunter movement, you simply can’t surpass this option.

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