Best Food Plot For Deer | Top 4 Food Plots To Plant This Year

This article about food plots commonly focuses on the seasons of United States.

A Food plot is one of the basics of bowhunting. For deer managers, this can be the toughest yet exciting part of hunting. One must know how to do this trick in order to catch more prey. For the deer hunters, this can be a really great help in order for them to grow some healthy deer and harvest them.

Food plotting can be a really hard work especially without having the equipment’s you need. Luckily, some local co-op can provide you all the implements you need. Just give them a call in order for them to reserve you the items you might need. But, lots of question arises. What are the food plots you need before summer heat arrives and what are the do’s and don’ts of feeding a deer?

In this article, we will focus mainly on the best food plots you can use to attract bucks. Having the wrong choice of a food plot or simply learning by mistake can be really expensive, so let’s learn from different hunters with experience in food plotting for many years. Here are the answers for the best food plot to plant for this year.

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What Does Deer Poop Look Like? Identifying Deer Droppings, Scat

For some people, this might be one of the most useless topics that they can talk about. But for hunters, this one is as important as eating. But, why?

A deer hunter must be knowledgeable about a deer poop but sadly, only a few hunters knew a lot about it. A deer poop can determine a local deer population or how long they stayed in a certain area. This article is custom built for hunters who wants to learn more about a deer poop.

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Deer Hunting Gear: 23 Essentials for Deer Hunting

Planning a deer hunt? Can’t be possible without a detailed planning ahead of time. There are a lot of items that you must have while hunting a deer. The list is unlimited but in most of the cases, hunters keep their hunting gear in the truck as it’s not so easy to move all things to the hunting field. Still there are a lot of things that you must have, right next to you. The gear list should be finalized keeping in view the season, your hunting style and various other conditions.

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Top 5 Mouthwatering Elk Heart Recipes You Should Try Today!

Truth be told - Elk's heart is the favorite organ meat for most of us. The fact that elk heart meat is extremely lean and healthy clearly explains its high consumption rates across all the states.

The heart has lower fat content compared to pork, beef and chicken and even seafood. What’s more, it’s packed with loads of essential nutrients (like iron). This is because, unlike the traditionally raised livestock, the majority of elk diet is of native grass, trees and shrubs (and not rich grains).

And oh! Keep in mind that the meat is a delicious alternative to all the other meats.

But how exactly do you cook it? How do you prepare an elk heart dish that leaves everyone licking their fingers?

Right below here, we’ll introduce you to top 5 easy to prepare recipes that you can use to make a tender, savory, mouthwatering elk heart dish.

Here we go:

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  • Updated October 28, 2017
  • Elk

5 Great Tips To Stay Warm While Hunting You Should Follow

Ready to brave the cold to get your kill?

If there is one thing common between hunting and late season – it’s that they are both unpredictable but rewarding if you are persistent enough to pursue your goal.

Since temperatures are going to drop, you will experience your bone chills as your ears burn and finger freeze from the cold. But you don’t have to stay keeping yourself warm in front of a fireplace anymore.

It can be challenging but there are tons of solutions to help you out so that you could stay warm while hunting on the field and get that big buck. Below are tips to help you function during the cold and let you concentrate on your deer hunting.

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Top 7 Best Ways to Purify Water While Hunting You Need To Know

One of the most important need while hunting out in the wilderness is access to clean water. Our body is composed of approximately 75% of water. However, even with this great amount we are still susceptible to losing a lot of water as we work or sweat through the day which can lead to dehydration.

It is possible for people to survive without food for how many weeks. But one could not continue without water just after a few days of its absence. Unavailability of water for two days or less can kill you out there while you’re hunting. That’s why, once you find a source of water, it is vital to know the best way to purify water while hunting.

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When To Plant Winter Wheat For Deer?

Want to know the best season when to plant winter wheat for deer? Are you also curious on how and why deer become attracted to winter wheat?

It is one of the many sources of food for deer. Before, I didn’t see the importance of planting winter wheat because there are other options like acorns, nuts, fruits, and other plants. However, the transition from fall to winter is the time when bucks are having a difficult time bulking up calories as they prepare for the chilling season and it is the best time to take advantage of the situation and plant winter wheat!

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How Much Draw Weight Is Needed To Kill A Deer?

As someone who loves hunting, I had a pretty difficult time learning the skills at first, such as how much draw weight is needed to kill a deer? But through time, I started to learn about the basics and became better at killing my game. I put this article up to help beginners become more knowledgeable on the basics of drawing weight and how to use it to hunt effectively, most especially with popular game such as deer.

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The Right Cycle When To Use Doe Estrus: A Guide For All Hunters

Different hunters will have different opinions about proper training, equipment, calls, and decoys to use when hunting whitetails, but they only have one thing in common when they talk about scents – it's all about the right cycle. So, when is really the right time to use this kind of scent? Although whitetails have their own vocal, chemical, or visual communication, it is a fact widely acknowledged that they rely more on scents than sight and sound. These animals communicate through different scents such as walking, tarsal flaring, licking, urine and feces, and scrapes, and you can find all about these topics on the internet. For now, I would like to discuss a specific scent known as doe estrus, when to use doe estrus and the right cycle for you to use it.

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