The Top 5 Best Crossbows

Are you looking for a crossbow that always hits the mark? This guide lists the top five crossbows you need to try. Read on for more Did you know that the crossbow was invented in Asia around 400 BCE? At the time, it shook up the methods of war. There were even repeating crossbows that allowed … Read more

Crossbow vs Gun

Crossbow vs Gun – What Makes The Best Survival Weapon?

We all know about the AMC’s post-apocalypse TV series – The Walking Dead – which hits its 8th season on October this year (2017). One thing we’ve all learned from this popular show is the power of a crossbow in a doomsday scenario…I’m talking about Daryl Dixon’s crossbow which has saved him and his fellow survivalists … Read more

how long can you leave a crossbow cocked

How Long Can You Leave A Crossbow Cocked?

Have you ever come from a long day’s hunt with no success, and are left empty handed and with your crossbow still cocked? This is something that bowhunters experience all the time. But now, what should you do with your cocked crossbow? You may be wondering if just leaving it cocked until your next hunting session … Read more