When To Plant Turnips For Deer

When To Plant Turnips For Deer?

Turnips are a definite go-to crop for food plots if you want to attract and hunt down those deer. However, do you sometimes find that your turnips are being totally neglected by deer, and are leaving you with a whole plot of untouched turnips? If this is the case, the problem most likely resides in the … Read more

Why Do Deer Snort Blow

Why Do Deer Snort?

Have you ever had a deer snort at you? Especially if you are a bowhunter that has to get in real close in order to align the perfect shot, chances are you have gotten to a deer close enough to hear it snort. If you are not familiar with deer behavior, that strange and unnerving sound … Read more

when does the rut start

When Does The Rut Start?

For deer, the start of the rut is the start of their mating season, where bucks actively search for does to mate with. For hunters, however, this means a great season of deer hunting is ahead. Although sometimes, it may difficult for hunters to determine when exactly the rut will begin, and how to utilize … Read more

7 ways of how to keep your feet warm while hunting

7 Ways Of How To Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting

Your extremities are extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures. This is especially the case when you are going hunting. Standing outside in the freezing cold for hours can take a toll on the whole body, not just fingers and toes. You may be wondering how to keep your feet warm while hunting. Luckily, there are some ways … Read more