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The Right Cycle When To Use Doe Estrus: A Guide For All Hunters

Different hunters will have different opinions about proper training, equipment, calls, and decoys to use when hunting whitetails, but they only have one thing in common when they talk about scents – it's all about the right cycle. So, when is really the right time to use this kind of scent? Although whitetails have their own vocal, chemical, or visual communication, it is a fact widely acknowledged that they rely more on scents than sight and sound. These animals communicate through different scents such as walking, tarsal flaring, licking, urine and feces, and scrapes, and you can find all about these topics on the internet. For now, I would like to discuss a specific scent known as doe estrus, when to use doe estrus and the right cycle for you to use it.

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When Is The Best Time To Hunt Coyotes? A Simple Guide For Hunters In The Wild

You may have heard a lot of stories about coyotes being hunted, but have you asked yourselves how the hunters were able to successfully hunt them any time of the day even though they are generally nocturnal animals? I have seen a lot of hunters who have tried their best to hunt a coyote to no avail mainly because they didn't know when is the best time to hunt coyotes. As much as I hate to say this, they have been too complacent, so they ended up going home disappointed. Are you having second thoughts now? Well, you don't have to think twice anymore because I am here to tell you when is the best time to hunt coyotes.

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When To Use Doe Bleat To Successfully Hunt Whitetails?

Bleating has many uses and advantages, but do you really know when to use doe bleat? Many hunters have tried, but only some succeeded because most of us didn't understand how whitetails communicate all season long. I used to ask myself why I wasn't able to attract a doe before I learned when to use a doe bleat, and I was amazed when I finally realized what I have been doing wrong all this time. Without further ado, here are some of the things that I would like to share for all you aspiring hunters out there about whitetails and the right time to use doe bleats:

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When To Plant Turnips For Deer?

Turnips are a definite go-to crop for food plots if you want to attract and hunt down those deer. However, do you sometimes find that your turnips are being totally neglected by deer, and are leaving you with a whole plot of untouched turnips?

If this is the case, the problem most likely resides in the timing of your planting. You may not be aware of exactly when to plant turnips for deer, and when the proper season is for these crops to yield the best results. Nevertheless, we are here to teach all you need to know so that you can have productive hunting sessions.

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Why Do Deer Snort?

Have you ever had a deer snort at you? Especially if you are a bowhunter that has to get in real close in order to align the perfect shot, chances are you have gotten to a deer close enough to hear it snort.

If you are not familiar with deer behavior, that strange and unnerving sound that deer make can leave you wanting to run for dear life (pun intended) and head home. However, the more your know about deer, the less frightened you will be of hearing it snort.

But why to deer even snort in the first place? Continue on reading and find out.

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When Does The Rut Start?

For deer, the start of the rut is the start of their mating season, where bucks actively search for does to mate with. For hunters, however, this means a great season of deer hunting is ahead. Although sometimes, it may difficult for hunters to determine when exactly the rut will begin, and how to utilize this to yield better hunting results.

When does the rut start, and how do deer behave when it's time to mate? Read on to find out.

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7 Ways Of How To Keep Your Feet Warm While Hunting

Your extremities are extremely vulnerable to cold temperatures. This is especially the case when you are going hunting. Standing outside in the freezing cold for hours can take a toll on the whole body, not just fingers and toes.

You may be wondering how to keep your feet warm while hunting. Luckily, there are some ways that you can help your feet maintain the warmth that they need. These ways are relatively straightforward and easy to do.

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Best Time To Deer Hunt – 3 Principles To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Time To Go Hunt

There was a couple that lived in the mountains, and they loved the outdoors. It was only natural for the husband to love the deer season. Every year this man tried to convince his wife that she should go with him. He said she would love it.

Year after year his pleading continued. Until one year she agreed. That morning that they were supposed to go out the man was convinced that the best time to deer hunt was early in the morning (i.e before dawn)

She was not thrilled with the early time. So she slept in while he went out. After she got up, she stepped out of her door onto her patio, and there stood the biggest deer that she had ever seen. She drew back her bow and landed a record deer.

This story illustrates that perhaps there is not a rule regarding the best time to deer hunt. So, here are 3 principles that will help guide you to choosing the best time.

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