best thumb release for hunting

How to Choose the Best Thumb Release for Hunting

I’ve used different bow releases in different situations, and I can say that a thumb release is a good choice for hunting trips. I find that it improves my shooting form, which, in turn, allows me to shoot more accurate arrows with minimum torque. Choosing a good thumb release requires patience and good judgment. You shouldn’t … Read more

best climbing sticks

What are the Best Climbing Sticks? Check out My Favorites!

What do you normally use to access your hang-on tree stand? Some hunters use screw-in tree steps while some prefer ladders. I personally like using climbing sticks because I find them easier to install and safer to use. If you’re planning to buy a set of climbing sticks for your next hunting trip, then this article … Read more

best multi pin bow sight

Top 10 Best Multi Pin Bow Sight Reviews – 3 5 7 Pin

If you dislike readjusting your pin every time your game moves to a different yardage, then a multi-pin bow sight might be a good choice for you. But don’t just grab the first sight you spot in your archery store. There are many considerations to make and many brands to choose from. I have tried different … Read more

best takedown recurve bow

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Takedown Recurve Bows

Are you planning to shoot some game anytime soon? One of the main concerns of both beginner and pro hunters is what bow to bring in their hunting trip. I have found that the takedown recurve bow is a good choice if you prioritize speed and convenience over other things. Not convinced? With this ultimate guide, … Read more

best longbow for hunting

What is the Best Longbow for Hunting?

Hunting season always makes me think of longbows. In my opinion, you can’t really say you’re a veteran hunter unless you’ve experienced hunting with this traditional weapon at least once.With so many bow models out on the market today, sometimes it’s hard to choose the best longbow for your hunting trip. But don’t worry. I’m … Read more